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Getting involved in Scouting as a member of our Support Group

Ask a young person why they stay in Scouting, and they will probably say ‘We have great fun and get lots out of it’

This is true for adults in Scouting too! 

Being an adult in Scouting can be very rewarding. What adults get out of Scouting, depends on what they put in!

Adults get involved for a variety of reasons and some are the same as for young people

  • It is fun.
  • Adults get the same opportunity for adventure as young people.
  • They make new friends.
  • They see young people develop and grow, knowing that they have contributed to it by passing on their skills and experiences.

Giving is often more as rewarding than receiving, and giving your time and effort to Scouting will certainly be very rewarding!

You are invited to become a member of the Our Support Group.

The Support Group is responsible for the management of the Scout Group, whose main responsibilities are:

  • The maintenance of equipment and building
  • Fundraising and the administration of finance
  • The insurance of people and equipment
  • Assisting with recruitment of adults.
  • Helping Leaders deliver the best Programme available to each section.
  • Helping the Group behind the scenes, allowing the Leaders to spend more time with the youngsters

There is no fixed time commitment – the time required to fulfil the role varies. It is probable that you will have a few short meeting each year to plan, organise and support the leaders with fundraising and other events.

Your decision

1st Sitwell Scout Group clearly hopes that you will say ‘yes’ to joining

Next meeting for Parents is TBC from 6:30pm

Please note these meeting are open to all parents and friends of the Group.

The plan for the first meeting is to:-

  • See what fundraising ideas you have, the more ideas the better!
  • Plan our next Carnival float, yes a float, we hope to get a lorry next year but we need your help to decorate it.
  • Receive a short report from each section finding out what we have done in the last few weeks


Be part of it!

Scouting has a lot to offer both young people and the adults that work with them. At times it will be a challenge, but there is the fun and sense of satisfaction from making a worthwhile commitment which more than makes up for that!

There are almost 100,000 adults who are regularly involved in the United Kingdom as Members of the Movement. Many more provide back-up support. Go on, be one of them!